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      Frau-Holle-Land Geo Nature Park

      Undiscovered Colours in the Huge Cinematic Landscape of the Frau-Holle-Land

      The radiant pink of the poppy fields in early summer is one of the most impressive colours in the Geo-Naturpark Frau-Holle-Land. The region lies between the River Werra, the Hohen Meißner mountain and Kaufungen Forest. It’s where the Brothers Grimm discovered the legend of Mother Hulda, or “Frau Holle” in German, and it’s a real eye-catcher throughout the year.

      Peace and recuperation

      The great annual cinematic landscape experience on the forested sub-mountain ranges begins with a lush spring green. As the rape blossom catches your eye in late April, you can also enjoy the snow-white cherry blossom from over 100,000 cherry trees as it shines in the sunlight. Rare orchids delight nature lovers in May and June, particularly on the dry grasslands. The diverse colours of the bright summer mountain meadows catch your eye in the summer and shine in lovely natural shades throughout autumn. In winter, people are drawn to the snow on the Hohen Meißner. Standing at 754 metres, it’s the highest mountain in North Hessen, the home of the Brothers Grimm, and remains covered in white as the landscape reawakens in early spring. It’s no surprise that Mother Hulda lives on the Hohen Meißner. Many people only know her as the pillow-shaking fairytale figure created by the Brothers Grimm. Most of the authentic places of legend can be found on and around the mountain. Guests can enjoy peace and recuperation with the vast, breathtaking views across the landscape as they walk, cycle and canoe through the countryside. The popular Werratal cycle route connects the tranquil yet lively timber-framed towns along the river. Many of the 22 certified premium hiking trails pass through the green belt with its unique flora and fauna and fluid history as the former internal German border. The Werra-Burgen-Steig Hessen connects the proud castles and palaces from the Tannenburg to the point where the River Werra meets the Fulda. Like the GrimmSteig in the Kaufungen Forest, it has been certified as a quality trail by Wanderbares Deutschland.

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