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      Hiking in Hessen

      Hiking in Hessen

      With over 5,200km of well-marked and maintained hiking trails for all levels and ages, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding how to explore Hessen on foot.

      Over 3000km of Hessen's trails have been certified as premium hiking routes by the German Hiking Association.

      Amongst the well-maintained network of short, multi-day and circular routes, you'll find themed trails such as art, nature and science routes. Whether you're following winding rivers or disused railway lines, making your way through dense forests, steep vineyards or lush meadows, or traversing low mountain ranges, hiking in Hessen you'll be frequently rewarded with stunning panoramic views, fascinating history and culture, and sightings of unique flora and fauna. In our nature parks and conservation areas, you can also arrange to hike in the company of a qualified ranger.

      There are plenty of welcoming restaurants, wineries and beer gardens to take a break at along the way, and with a huge array of accommodation options including over 235 campsites, you'll never be short of somewhere to stop for the night!

      Trail types in Germany broadly fall into three categories:

      Wege: wide, natural paths that connects two places and may also accommodate vehicles
      Pfade: paths specifically for hikers and cyclists (inaccessible to cars)
      Steige: narrow, unpaved trails that run through rough, hilly or mountainous terrain. No cars allowed.

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