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      Recommendations for hiking trails, charming medieval villages or where to experience interactive art exhibitions? Searching for suggestions of castles to visit, spa hotels to stay at or ideas for exploring wine country? You're in the right place! Search using the categories in the dropdown menu or simply scroll down this page and see what catches your eye. For even more inspiration, don't forget to follow @hessentourismus on Instagram!

      Hessen's Farmers Markets

      Visiting Hessen's farmers markets is a great way to explore its regional culinary offerings and experience life like a local.

      Hiking in the Rhön

      Hike the extraordinary landscapes of a unique UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The unique, unspoilt landscape of the Rhön is shaped …

      Apples Galore

      Apples are a regional cultural heritage in the Odenwald. Conservationists, fruit growers, farmers, restaurant owners and members of the public are committed to working together to ensure it stays …

      Hiking in the Lahn Valley

      Diverse and charming landscapes offering a variety of trails. From the forested paths of the Rothaar Mountains and rough pastures of the Westerwald to the diverse parklands of the Lahn-Dill-Bergland …

      Light-footed Custodians of the Land

      The Rhön is a flagship region when it comes to creating the best way for humans, animals and nature to live together. The Rhön sheep is the symbol for this symbiosis. The breed almost died out forty …

      A Past You Can Feel

      The timber-framed houses in North Hessen fascinate visitors from all over the world. The robust buildings mostly date back to the 16th to 19th centuries and have lost none of their charm over the …

      Hiking in Nordhessen

      A popular destination for hikers of all levels. With panoramic views of the region’s mountains and forests providing a dramatic backdrop to its well-maintained network of trails, plus a wealth of …

      Where to Shop

      From farmers' markets to exclusive boutiques and everything in between, shopping in Hessen offer something for everyone. Whether you're on the hunt for a hi-tech camera or antique treasures, fancy a …

      Sausage Heaven

      The “Ahle Wurscht” sausage is a North Hessian institution. But if you want to do it properly, you’ll need more than just hard work and skill; you’ll need patience too. Matthias Pflüger has cracked it.

      Red Riesling

      Germany’s smallest wine-growing region is the largest when it comes to Red Riesling. Red Riesling? You may think it’s a recent invention of resourceful advertising executives, but it’s actually a …

      Green Belt, Green Fingers

      Frankfurt – a city of banks, skyscrapers and glass buildings. Or is it? Many people don’t know that the city is surrounded by a green belt of fields, orchards and natural landscapes. It’s a real …

      A river for many ocassions

      Lively university cities and dreamy riverbanks, mighty castles and sparkling mineral water − The Lahn is certainly a river with many faces. Every holidaymaker will find their own dream spot somewhere …

      Wine Hikes and Religious Sites

      Monasteries, wine and walking – you can find this holy trinity between Rüdesheim and Eberbach Abbey. The Rhine is ever-present, and so is Wolfgang Blum, a real expert when it comes to wine and …