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      Discover Hessen's Diversity

      Hessen's vibrant cities, historic towns and charming villages make up only a tiny part of what Germany's most heavily-forested state has to offer. Each of its 10 regions are unique, offering everything from volcanic landscapes and peaceful meadows to and thriving metropolises; within them, there are castles and palaces, local food cultures, globally-acclaimed musems, and UNESCO World Heritage sites just waiting to be explored. Click on any of the pictures below to explore each of Hessen's ten regions, and discover just how diverse your next travel destination truly is!

      Towns & Cities


      ... and a city renowned worldwide as a hub for scientific research.

      Frankfurt am Main

      The largest city in Hessen, the fifth largest in Germany, Frankfurt am Main is home to a good …


      ... is a must-visit destination for lovers of lavish architecture, historic churches and religious …


      ... and it is much-loved by locals, students and visitors alike for its culture, shopping and …


      ... Kassel is as famous for being the long-time residence of the Brothers Grimm as it is for its …


      This charming city is crowned by an imposing castle.


      ... Wetzlar was made internationally famous by the optics industry. The former free imperial city …


      ... Wiesbaden is renowned for its beautiful buildings, thermal springs and remarkable cultural …

      Discover Hessen's Diverse Regions


      ... the Bergstrasse-Odenwald welcomes early springs, when its orchards are filled with almond, …


      ... FrankfurtRhineMain is a diverse cultural and economic area named after its core city, Frankfurt …

      Grimmheimat Nordhessen

      ...Grimmheimat Nordhessen (Grimm Country Nordhessen) is a diverse region with no defined …

      Rhön situated at the very centre of Germany, along Hessen's borders with Thuringia and Bavaria. …


      ... the Spessart is situated between Vogelsberg, the Rhön and the Odenwald, and straddles …

      The Lahntal

      ... the peaceful Lahntal is a gentle landscape of rolling hills, meadow-filled valleys and thick …

      The Taunus

      ... the Taunus lies just north of the city of Frankfurt am Main. Surrounded by the romantic valleys …


      ... and since its last eruption 15 million years ago, much of the area has been smoothed into peaks …


      ... and a low mountain range that offers varied, unspoiled landscapes ideal for invigorating …

      Wiesbaden Rheingau

      ... famous the world over for its magnificent landscapes and world-class wines.

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