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      Toskana Therme Bad Orb

      A different kind of spa …

      With its motto “Immerse yourself in music, colour and light”, the Toskana Therme in Bad Orb offer a truly special bathing experience and guarantees relaxation and recuperation. Whether you prefer to swim or bathe in the saltwater, the 800 sq metre water area includes 6 pools and 2 jacuzzis to make sure there’s something for everyone. One of this place’s is its musical bathing experience. The unique Liquid Sound© system is an artistic combination of music, colour and light in the spa.

      The “Liquid Sound Temple” is all about the attraction of underwater music. The tall dome is illuminated with magical lighting, allowing you to float around, supported by the “Champagne” saltwater, regulated at body temperature. Treat yourself to a full moon concert with live music in the spa and take part in the musical event in a dreamy, half-dancing state, fully in tune with the rhythm of nature. You can’t get any healthier or more sensual that that! Other features like the panorama sauna, Finnish sauna, Broncharium and steam room give your body even more treats. Finish it all off with a soothing massage. In addition to the unique bathing area, the Toskana Therme in Bad Orb also offers a large sauna area and a spa park with an on-site health centre. The Toskana Therme offers a successful mix of facilities to fulfil every wish.