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      Hessian Spessart Nature Park

      Surrounded by the Main, Kinzig and Sinn

      The Naturpark Hessischer Spessart spans across some 730 square metres in the north of Spessart. The recreation area lies close to the Rhine-Main region, offering a diverse natural and cultural landscape. The name “Spessart” derives from the words “Specht” – meaning “woodpecker” and the symbol of the beech landscape − and “Hardt”,which means “mountain forest”.

      History, Hiking, and Nature

      With its ridges and meadowed valleys, it combines with the Bavarian Spessart to form one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany. The Spessart has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. You can find the remains of castle walls and ramparts – the legacy of the Celts. Spessart has been part of the European trade route since the Middle Ages. Typical Spessart villages popped up along the former Birkenhainer Straße trade route following the settlement of glass factories. Hardy trees like pines, larch and spruces give the Spessart Forest its colourful appearance, and the beech has slowly lost its place.

      The Naturpark Hessischer Spessart provides the ideal habitat for lots of endangered animals, such as beavers and wild cats. Around 60 volunteer rangers – the ambassadors of the Spessart – arrange interesting and informative activities at weekends for almost every target audience and age group. Many of these activities combine the mountain landscape with stories about the robbers who caused unrest in the early 19th century. Nowadays, the Spessart is a popular hiking spot. The 90-kilometre “Spessartbogen” from Langenselbold to Schlüchtern is a real highlight for tourists. It provides a wealth of unique views and experiences for walkers. The certified premium hiking trail is further enhanced by six extra “Spessartfährten” tours, offering beautiful walks of 10 to 16 kilometres. Circular trails and day walks provide an insight into the impressive diversity of the mountainous region. Mountain bikers can experience the Spessart on the sophisticated and well-marked network of trails. There’s a total of 19 tours spanning some 560 kilometres and over 12,000 metres of elevation, spread across nine towns and municipalities.

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